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About Us

About us

Bendigo husband and wife team, Paul and Rebecca Threlfall have a passion for delivering support and learning for people to be their very best. In May 2017 the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) was introduced to the Loddon Region.

18 months down the track Paul and Rebecca see an opportunity to compliment the NDIS roll out with a well structured organisation delivering quality services to support NDIS participants and providers.

At Reliability we’re driven by our values and a passion to support people to achieve their goals and live a better life.

We believe in team work through collaboration with all stakeholders involved in the lives of the people and providers we support. We will create long term relationships built on honesty and trust, our practical approach compliments the lived and industry experience of our team. We will share our education and expertise to ensure all Reliability participants achieve the best possible outcomes.

Our People

Every person who is part of the Reliability team is committed to our culture and values. Our team works closely with our customers and their support team to explicitly understand their wants and needs. At Reliability our people are innovative and explore all available options to ensure our customers reach their full potential and enjoy a better quality life.

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Mission, Vision & Values

Reliability’s Mission is to establish relationships built on trust and the actions of a team committed to providing a service which empowers people with disabilities to live a better life.

Reliability’s Vision is to collaborate with all industry stakeholders to create greater community and industry awareness of the needs of people living with disability.

At Reliability our results will be driven by our Values;


We aim to create a sense of security in the relationship we build with all customers and stakeholders regardless of their disability, cultural, linguistic, ethnic or religious backgrounds.


We believe in having the courage to explore innovative ways to utilise our network of disability sector, business and community contacts in order to provide quality service delivery to those we represent.


We will collaborate with as many associated stakeholders as required to establish person centred pathways in order to achieve the goals of all customers we represent.


All actions, policies and procedures adopted by Reliability are aimed at providing the best possible outcomes for our customers.

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